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Cell Phone Samples

Cell Phone Samples

ASDE can help you with cell phone samples in the US and Canada. Cell phone directories of current numbers do not exist.  We therefore create cell phone samples from the list of existing dedicated cell phone exchanges. By generating random numbers from the dedicated cell phone exchanges our clients have experienced a connection rate in the range of 50-55%.


The geographical information available for each number is limited to the area code (which places it in a province or State) and the rate center name (which is the city where that phone exchange switching station resides), or combined to form a Census Division (Canada) or county (US).

In Canada, ASDE helps researchers and survey professionals further improve the quality of their studies by reaching out exclusively to working cell phone numbers and Cell Phone Only (CPO) households.


For more details on Cell Phone samples please refer to the PDF document in the Resources section on this same page.
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