ASDE Samples

ASDE Survey Sampler takes great pride in the quality of its services and products. We offer a wide variety of samples and related services to survey specialists.

Listed Samples

ASDE can provide you with timely, and accurate directory listed samples drawn directly from the phonebook.

Business Samples

You can select from two options when conducting research with businesses in Canada and the USA.

échantillons médicaux

Medical Staff Samples

ASDE is an authorized reseller of Scotts' Info Medical lists, publishers of MD Select.

rayon ou corridor

Radius / Corridor Samples

Radius and Corridor samples offer a more specialized approach and are geometric in nature.

recouvrement du recensement

Census Overlay Samples

Census Overlay samples are used to maximize a specific demographic or economic characteristic of the population you want to interview.

échantillon éthnique

Ethnic Samples

The Ethnic origin sampling methodology provides samples that improve incidence when your survey respondents must be members of a specific ethnic group.

Échantillons de numéros de téléphone cellulaire

Cell Phone Samples

Cell phone directories of current numbers do not exist. We therefore create cell phone samples from the list of existing dedicated cell phone exchanges.

Logicieil échantillonnage

Sampling Software

Our software services can meet your in-house sampling requirements.