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ASDE Survey Sampler takes great pride in the quality of its services and products. We offer a wide variety of samples and related services to survey specialists.

Address-based Sampling

Address-based Sampling

Address-based Sampling in the US


At near 100% coverage of US households, the address-based residential database we offer reaches virtually every household in America and is the most accurate saturation consumer mailing list available. Updated monthly via the U.S. Postal Service, this list of addresses is highly accurate and reliable.



There is an additional option of appending residential names where available or only selecting the records that have a residential name. Select urban or rural addresses or P.O. boxes, and exclude business addresses as needed. A few lifestyle selects and household demographics are possible with this list.  Telephone numbers can also be appended to the generated list if requested and where possible.



Address-based Sampling in Canada



ASDE is an approved broker with Canada Post to provide full saturation mailing lists. We offer the following Canada Post products.



Canada Complete: Address-Only Direct from Canada Post is an address-only list sourced from the mail delivery database that enables cost-effective and accurate targeting at the Postal Code level. With more than 13 million addresses available, Canada Complete: AddressOnly Direct allows for the best reach of residential households in Canada.



Canada Complete: Consumers Direct from Canada Post is the most accurate and current mailing list database of households in Canada. This comprehensive list includes consumer name records sourced from the Telephone Directory publishers and self-reported data. All address records are validated against Canada Post mail delivery database to ensure deliverability and completeness (including full apartment and suite information).  With more than 7 million records available, gain higher open rates with personalized mail pieces. Records include Name, Address and Postal Code, with the option to target by various selects.



A Combination list called Canada Complete: Names & Neighbourhood Direct from Canada Post helps you better your targeting efforts while allowing you access to more than 13 million Canadian residential addresses sourced from Canada Post mail delivery database. This comprehensive list includes a subset of consumer name records from self-reported data and the Telephone Directory publishers. All records are validated to ensure deliverability and completeness (including full apartment and suite information).