ASDE Samples

At ASDE, we are very proud of the quality of our sampling services. General or targeted, we offer a wide variety of samples for survey specialists in North America.

Geographical coverage

We provide our samples, our list matching solutions, our IVR services and all of our related services in Canada and the US.


We work with census geographies as well as custom areas (based on your criteria and parameters), such as:


Canada United States
Region Census Region and Division
Province, Territory State
Administrative Region County
Census Division (CD) City
Census Sub-Division (CSD) Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA)
Census Tract (CT) Consolidated Metropolitan Statistical Area (CMSA)
Census Metropolitan Area (CMA)/ Primary Metropolitan Statistical Area (PMSA)
Census Agglomeration (CA)
Federal Electoral District (FED) Zip Code
Quebec Electoral District Congressional District
Postal Code Census Tract (CT)
Forward Sortation Area (FSA) Area Code
(First 3 characters of postal code)
Dissemination Area (DA) Radius
Area Code Based on specific boundaries
By Community Size
Based on specific boundaries