IVR System

IVR – Interactive Voice Response – is a system that automates telephone interviews. Respondents use their touch tone phone key pad to respond to pre-recorded questions.

IVR System

IVR System

IVR – Interactive Voice Response – is a system that automates telephone interviews. Respondents can use their phone key pad to respond to pre-recorded questions. Responses are compiled into a database. The system also lets respondents record answers to open ended questions for future transcription, compilation and analysis. The interview questionnaires are recorded by a human interviewer and follow appropriate interview logic.
In all cases the organization must be identified in the interview. A phone number is displayed for respondents who have call display. A voice message is left on answering machines with an option to call back.


System and software characteristics 


The IVR system is completely automated for both inbound and outbound calls. It manages and records data, handles skip patterns, rotations and digitally records all open ended questions, plus other typical research requirements. IVR eliminates bias and variability caused by different interviewing styles, fatigue, scheduling, and linguistics.



  • ASDE Survey Sampler has capacity to dedicate up to 240 lines to IVR
  • We provide full programming and interview recording
  • Our software controls the interview, directs the flow, collects and processes numerical or voice data
  • Application software monitors quotas and assigns, if needed, a time to call each set of telephone numbers
  • We aggregate the results
  • Data is processed and sent to the survey research firm conducting the study, in the format and frequency of their choice
  • Open-ended responses are recorded digitally for later replay, coding or transcription
  • Closed-ended responses are recorded using the telephone keypad



Cost Savings


The appropriate use of IVR can substantially reduce the cost of telephone data collection by decreasing man-hours and pre-screening more efficiently for targeted respondents, not to mention lowering long distance calling charges. Capital savings can also be achieved if only using IVR occasionally.


Selecting the best IVR survey method is important since outbound and inbound IVR have different characteristics and audience response rates. Both outbound and inbound have benefits that should be weighed carefully. For example, inbound IVR is most effective when used with a loyal audience while outbound IVR is a great pre-screening reminder, or messaging tool. Both methods increase respondent participation when incentives are used.


Quality Control


No message leaves our office without thorough verification and approval to make sure it meets all ethical, legal and other obligations.  We stand behind our product 100% of the time.


To discuss how IVR, either inbound or outbound, can be used for your survey in Canada or the United States, please contact:


Randa Bell,
Executive Vice President