You can’t find a better set of quality products and services, a team’s responsiveness to your needs and a pricing policy as affordable as what we offer



You can’t beat the compounding benefits our quality products and services, our team’s responsiveness to your needs, and finally our cost effective pricing will have on your bottom line.


Why should you trust your needs to ASDE Survey Sampler? 



Wide selection of samples

We offer a wide variety of telephone samples, landline and cell numbers, consumer and business, and also related services.


Faster response – Stronger Customer Service

You provide the specific requirements and we work to get exactly what you want and need quickly.


Finding Solutions

We establish good communication with you, to deliver the best samples and services to you.


ASDE Quality

ASDE Survey Sampler takes great pride in the quality of its services and products. We guarantee that our samples will be free from defects in methodology and procedures.


Sampling Leader

Survey professionals and research organizations have relied on our sampling expertise since 1994 – take a look at our Testimonials.


The challenge

You can test us with our Free Trial offer – see link in the Resources section on this same page. Measure our reaction time, the effectiveness of our service and the quality of the samples. We give you the option of obtaining a free sample of up to 7,000 residential phone numbers for RDD or Directory Listed sample in any US or Canadian standard geography so you can do a side-by-side comparison with your current supplier.

ASDE is dynamic

Not only we have grown over the years, in size, revenue, knowledge and experience, but we have invested heavily in introducing more and more varied products and services covering the following:



  • On demand sampling for both Canada and the United States
  • Sampling services (recently: cell phone, targeted, ABS and others)
  • Dedicated phone lines for IVR and phone number predialing
  • Systems to pre-clean your lists according to your requirements
  • And more!