IVR System

IVR – Interactive Voice Response – is a system that automates telephone interviews. Respondents use their touch tone phone key pad to respond to pre-recorded questions.

Outbound IVR Overview

Outbound IVR Overview

Outbound IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is particularly effective for political polls, messaging and as a screening tool for low incidence studies.


Political Polls

A relatively short IVR poll (5-8 questions) can capture the public pulse and measure voter intention in a very efficient and cost-effective manner. We can reach households using both landlines and cell phones. You can also record the automated survey yourself at no charge.



The automated IVR service works very well to communicate announcements to the population for various purposes, such as municipal water advisories or political messages.


Low incidence studies

The outbound IVR is also a great tool to help you recruit respondents for more difficult low incidence studies, for example medical studies. We can screen a sample for you and deliver the phone numbers of respondents who qualify. Your interviewers can then continue the survey or confirm final participants for the study (i.e. clinical trial).


Test your study incidence

If you have a large study to quote on and are unsure of your incidence we can help you. We can call a sufficient sample in the geography of your choice, to give you an estimated incidence rate, thus increasing your confidence in your field cost estimate. We can do all this with a fast turnaround.


To discuss how outbound IVR can answer your survey needs, contact:

Randa Bell,
Executive Vice President