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Enhance your samples or lists by adding phone numbers to names and addresses, or the reverse, adding names and addresses to phone numbers.

Sample Pre-dialing

Sample Pre-dialing

Sample Pre-dialing can improve your productivity and decrease your field costs. ASDE Survey Sampler has a state of the art automated dialing facility, dedicated to providing sample pre-dialing and line identification status for each telephone number. The facility has a turnaround of up to 10,000 numbers per hour.


Our system automatically compares the numbers against the phone book electronic listings. It identifies those numbers that are listed and those that are not listed. The sample is then sent to the dialer to verify the status (in service, not in service, fax line) of each number.


Our dialer detects the line signals. It recognizes active phone lines. This allows for a statistically accurate representative sample. Any number with an uncertain status is considered a good number.


You will receive the telephone numbers with the status and any other info added to the record.
Whether you order a pre-dialed sample from us or provide us with a list of telephone numbers to verify, you will only pay the pre-dialing charge for the active numbers found in the sample or list. The pre-dialing charge is not based on the quantity of numbers sent for pre-dialing but rather on the amount of active numbers found.


Moreover, when ordering a sample from us with pre-dialing Not-In-Service (NIS) numbers are removed and replaced with good numbers. You do not pay for numbers that are not connected.


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