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History and  Commitment to Quality

History and Commitment to Quality



Mr. Michel Rochon * (1944 – 2014) founded ASDE SURVEY SAMPLER INC., a privately owned Canadian company, in 1994. ASDE provides market research and survey professionals with services that include telephone samples as well as related products such as sampling software, predialing and list cleaning, list matching and IVR services. ASDE is highly regarded by many experts in the market research and survey industries and well respected by our clients. We have achieved a leadership role by being recognized as the first place to go when looking for solutions to sampling problems.


Commitment to Quality

ASDE and its employees are committed to the highest standards of ethics and procedures. We adhere to the standards of several respected industry associations CRIC, MRIA, Insights Association, CASRO, AAPOR, ESOMAR and AMA.  ASDE invests heavily in the continuous training and growth of each and every member of its team. We are therefore able to offer the very best customer service and support to market research and survey professionals.



* Michel Rochon (1944 – 2014) graduated in economics at the University of Ottawa (B.Hon.Ec.) and management at the University of California, Los Angeles (MBA). He had an extensive background in strategic planning and policy development. Some of the positions he held among others were Associate Principal Secretary in the Prime Minister’s office under the Rt. Hon. Pierre Trudeau, Professor of Management in the MBA program at the École HEC, Université de Montréal, Director General of Communications for Statistics Canada, and he also served as Secretary of the MacDonald Royal Commission on the Future of the Canadian Economy.

Michel Rochon’s Message

Michel noticed many changes occurring in the industry since the inception of ASDE but according to him many truths remain unchanged:

  • By favoring quality and methodological clarity ASDE will continue to prosper
  • Price will continue to be a driving issue in the market, and ASDE will continue to provide the most cost effective solutions, especially to those clients who consider the total phone room costs and not the sampling cost in isolation
  • The pool of cooperative respondents, a no cost “common good” to the industry as a whole, will continue to decline and may disappear unless the whole industry reacts to the over exploitation


Michel held fast to some basic principles for ASDE:

  • Continue in the commitment to phone methodologies and be ready for all technological innovations in this field
  • Continue developing, testing and comparing innovative means of identifying statistically valid pools of cooperative respondents
  • Develop other creative ways to protect and possibly enlarge the pool of cooperative respondents. Continue working on this, through the industry associations if possible, but directly if necessary