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ASDE Survey Sampler takes great pride in the quality of its services and products. We offer a wide variety of samples and related services to survey specialists.

Listed Samples

Listed Samples

ASDE can provide you with timely, and accurate directory listed samples drawn directly from the phonebook.


Listed samples are an efficient way to approach phone sampling for surveys where full demographic and geographic representations are not a major issue. Listed samples are lists of phone records drawn for a specific geographical area from a phonebook and only represent people whose numbers are in that phonebook.


For more details on our Listed Sample methodology please refer to the PDF document in the Resources section on this same page.

Higher connection rates and highly accurate geographic selections are the major advantages of listed samples. ASDE uses the most recent edition of the ACXIOM INFOBASES North American electronic phone directories (residential or business).

As an added feature, all of our listed samples are fully geocoded and Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes are present on the majority of business records.

As with all our phone sampling, prices and turnaround time are the best in the industry. You can test us with our Free Trial offer – see link in the Resources section on this same page.


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