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Medical Staff Samples

Medical Staff Samples

ASDE is an authorized reseller of Scotts’ Info Medical lists, publishers of MD Select.


This Canadian Medical Directory is Canada’s #1 source for contact information of doctors across the country. It represents the best and most comprehensive directories of health care lists in Canada.


The information includes:


  • Over 64,000 practicing physicians.
  • more than 30,700 healthcare personnel; key administrative and medical staff.
  • Over 18,000 Canadian pharmacists and 18,000 dentists.
  • 99% accuracy rate.


Select by specialty, geography, language and more.
For the US we can access close to 900,000 physicians, a comprehensive list of over 194,000 dentists, over 215,000 nurse practitioners and physician assistants, and more than 6,700 hospitals.


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