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New research association announced in US



Officially launched in January, 2017, the Insights Association was formed through the merger of two organizations with long, respected histories of servicing the market research industry: CASRO (founded in 1975) and MRA (founded in 1957). The result is a new, larger and more connected association with a unified, coordinated and higher profile voice, aligned in mission and message, and ultimately more effective at advancing the industry and profession in which we all share an abiding passion.

The Insights Association strives to effectively represent, advance, and grow the research profession and industry. Specifically, the organization:

  • Provides government advocacy through legislative, regulatory and judicial means
  • Cares for and improves the industry’s image in the eyes of the media and public
  • Markets the business case for industry products and services to buyers and users
  • Sets and enforces professional standards
  • Establishes and reinforces best practices
  • Helps members grow their businesses, their departments, and themselves as research professionals