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New Canadian MR Association CRIC

Canada’s new MR industry association now has a name, the Canadian Research Insights Council (CRIC); and aims to hold its first open board meeting in Q1 of 2019. ESOMAR standards, which had already been the basis of industry standards in Canada, will be endorsed by the new body. The creation of CRIC follows the demise of its predecessor, the MRIA, in July.


CRIC will add specific provisions to the ESOMAR code to address issues specific to Canada, for example around privacy, political polling disclosure and ’emerging concerns related to the use of data sources other than surveys’.  The Interim Board has also voted to support academic and MRIA Fellow Robert Wong in his efforts to continue the CMRP designation (Certified Marketing Research Professional) which he helped develop.

Details of the membership process will be announced soon, but this will require firms to undergo an audit process, to which the Interim Board members have all committed. The Board will remain in place until the association is formally established.