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ASDE attended new conference – The Quirk’s Event




Michel Durocher of ASDE attended The Quirk’s Event in Brooklyn, NY, this past Feb 23-24.  The focal point of this first-time conference was certainly the trade show area, in effect the hub for all activities. Presentation formats were brief and topics interesting.


Three themes that stood out from the 14 workshops Michel attended were engaging consumers with right language/segment definition (Quester’s Samsung Study of Black Friday), combining text analytics with human analysis to derive context and story (iModerate and Luminoso’s study of Nike vs. Under Armour) and involving journalists to help storytelling (story vs data dump in a thought piece by Eric Whipkey of Navy Federal Credit Union).


Favorite line of the conference, a quote of race car driver Mario Andretti used in a presentation, which may sum up the state of our industry at the moment – “If everything is under control, you’re just not going fast enough.”