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MRIA Ottawa Event on IVR Surveys

The Ottawa MRIA Chapter invites you on Feb 26, 2015, to join Lorne Bozinoff of Forum Research to learn how Interactive Voice Response (IVR) surveys can play a vital and economical role in conducting market research and how to apply this methodology appropriately.


In this lunch and learn event Lorne will review the accuracy of IVR surveys in predicting provincial elections, from the controversial Alberta and BC elections to the recent Ontario election.  In the past 9 provincial elections, IVR surveys have accurately predicted election outcomes better than Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews (CATI) surveys and panel online surveys. Forum Research will present the Forum Poll, which is based on an IVR methodology and has led them to be the most accurate firm in predicting 5 of the last 9 provincial elections, and second most accurate in 2 others.


Randa Bell and Michel Durocher of ASDE Survey Sampler will attend.


Anyone interested in attending can register on MRIA portal –

Date: Thursday, February 26, 2015