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MRIA Ottawa Chapter Event on June 17

MRIA - ARIM Ottawa


The Ottawa MRIA Chapter invites you on Wed June 17 from noon to 2 pm, at the Sheraton Hotel on Albert Street in Ottawa, to a lunch and learn event, featuring a presentation by Will Daley, Vice President, Public Affairs, Ipsos Reid, on Conjoint Analysis in Public Sector Research.


Conjoint or discrete choice analysis has traditionally been used in private sector market research as a tool to understand how consumers evaluate different products with different options and how they choose one to buy. But apart from learning how consumers might choose a pair of sneakers, how can discrete choice apply in a public sector setting? This presentation will review a few examples where Ipsos has used the approach to help Government of Canada clients learn more about how citizens respond to key program and policy elements and offer a few creative suggestions on how the approach might be used in the future.


Randa Bell of ASDE Survey Sampler will be attending.

Anyone interested in attending can register on MRIA portal –