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At ASDE, we are very proud of the quality of our sampling services. General or targeted, we offer a wide variety of samples for survey specialists in North America.

ASDE Presentation at MRIA Ottawa Event

Michel Durocher of ASDE Survey Sampler was one of four speakers to talk about cell phones in survey research at the MRIA Ottawa event on Feb 22, 2018.  ASDE along with Derrick Gray of Numeris, Dave Converse of NRG Research Group and Alex Jarocki of MTM (a product of CBC/Radio Canada) spoke about cell phone sampling and the importance of calling cell phones to reach survey respondents.  They also shared their knowledge and experience in integrating cell phone samples, the insights gained in contacting cell phone respondents, and the profile of cell phone only (CPO households. The event took place at the ALT Hotel in downtown Ottawa.


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