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Do Not Call for Canada

ASDE Survey Sampler is exempt from the Do Not Call (DNC) registry, managed by the CRTC, because our calls are made solely for survey research.  We do not make calls for solicitation or telemarketing purposes.


Survey Research is a legitimate and scientific process of acquiring data and opinions from the public. Researchers seek to determine the public’s opinion regarding products, issues, political candidates, and other topics. Such information is used to develop new products, improve services, influence policy, by groups such as health care providers, governments, airlines, private businesses and others. The survey research process is vital to improving or maintaining the quality of life.


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Since we are exempt from the DNC law we are not required to maintain a DNC list of our own. We do however maintain such a list, on our own initiative, to help preserve the reputation of survey professionals and the market research industry, which relies on the goodwill of the public to participate in surveys. If you ask for your number to be removed we will do so within 5 business days and you will not receive any calls from us in the future. Please click here to email us your number and be added to our Do Not Call list.