IVR System

IVR – Interactive Voice Response – is a system that automates telephone interviews. Respondents use their touch tone phone key pad to respond to pre-recorded questions.

Outbound IVR Overview

Outbound IVR Overview

Outbound IVR is a particularly effective screening tool for low incidence studies. Because of its potential to create respondent dissatisfaction, we recommend using less than five questions in IVR studies designed to screen sample for low incidence studies.


Screen for low incidence studies, recruit for medical



  • Select your sampling frame/geography (RDD, directory listed, targeted, panel, client’s list, etc)
  • Determine the key question(s) to qualify a respondent
  • Contact us for a custom quote depending on the expected incidence
  • Receive a list of phone numbers of respondents who qualify
  • Give numbers to your interviewers to continue with the survey

The Outbound IVR method was particularly successful in studies such as :



  • Pre-screening of asthma patients for clinical trials in a new treatment; ASDE generated radius sample for six hospitals to locate respondents
  • Survey to track viewing of a television news program
  • Political messaging
  • Message to pre-qualify panel members for a large mail survey regarding usage of an over-the-counter medication
  • Pre-selection of government service users to participate in a satisfaction study



Test your study incidence



  • If you have a large study to quote on and are unsure of your incidence
  • Select the appropriate sampling frame/geography and we will call a sufficient sample to give you an estimated incidence rate
  • Fast turnaround
  • Confidence in your field cost estimate

To discuss how outbound IVR can be used to for your survey, contact:


Randa Bell,
Executive Vice President