List matching and other services

Enhance your samples or lists by adding phone numbers to names and addresses, or the reverse, adding names and addresses to phone numbers.



In the US the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) implemented the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 (the “TCPA”) prohibiting the initiation of telephone calls using automatic telephone dialer systems or an artificial or pre-recorded voice to reach, among others, cell phone numbers.


Therefore, if you are conducting a survey using an automated dialer system or an outbound IVR system and happen to reach a cell phone, and do not have the consent of the called party, you would be violating the FCC ruling. As a result you would be subject to financial penalties by the FCC of up to $11,000 per incident.


ASDE Survey Sampler is an authorized reseller of Neustar services. Neustar has contracted with NAPM (North American Portability Management, LLC) and provides two (2) files consisting of lists of intermodal ports of telephone numbers between wireline-to-wireless ports and wireless-to-wireline ports. These files are updated on a daily basis. Neustar provides the service on a password-secured website.


Any pre-dialed sample purchased from ASDE has already been checked against the Neustar list of ported numbers at no charge to you. However clients who do not order pre-dialed sample, but still want us to check the numbers we provide against Neustar (at no extra charge), need to provide us with their Neustar annual subscription number. This subscription can be purchased directly from Neustar, or purchased from ASDE at a discount versus Neustar pricing.


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